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Casa de Milagros ~ Share our heart for Miracles!!
Some of Pastor John's communications on Casa de Milagros:

From the January 2017 Newsletter ~ Now I have something to share from my heart. Yes I am asking for help and it is not for me but for our mission work here in Zihuatanejo, Mexico. 
Casa de Milagros is the name God gave me years ago of what our ministry will be called and a place where we can be open 7 days a week and most hours of each day. Casa de Milagros means House of Miracles and it is the vision God gave me 15 years ago, and I hope and pray it will happen before I go home. At this time in my life I am homeless and waiting for my eternal destiny, my eternal home. My going home I hope is not soon, but none of us know when Jesus will take us. What I know is I am still alive and if I am alive then God has more for me to do.
Does any of that seem relative to you? If you are reading this then you are alive and if you are then God has more for you to do! And what God has for you relates to your home church and, I hope and pray also, that you will consider helping us build Casa de Milagros - House of Miracles. We are praying that we can get started with the vision this year.
Zihuatanejo is a center for tourists from all over the world. Zihua has a population of over 100,000 people and more than half live in poverty. Not only are we serving Jesus to the Mexican people all around this area, we have created a Spirit filled church for visitors so they can have an avenue to see God's work in process. In December I celebrated my 70th birthday and I know time is slipping by. My heart is to have a central place to represent Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, here in Zihuatanejo. It will be here after I am gone and, God willing, it will be here when Jesus returns. 
God has raised up a great group of active and strong servants of Jesus that will be in charge of Zihuatanejo Christian Fellowship after I exit and I pray I can leave them Casa de Milagros too.
I traveled to the United States last fall to raise money to buy a piece of land for this vision that was priced at $40,000 dollars. We raised the money, but by the time I returned it was too late and we lost the piece of land... There are others, bigger and better but cost more. The money I raised was from 4 different groups and I asked each one if they want their money back... They all said no and to use it as a matching grant to buy and build Casa de Milagros... Also in June one of the donors told us they would donate another 20,000 dollars so we now have 60,000 dollars put up as a matching grant. What that means is whatever you would like to invest in Casa de Milagros your money would be doubled. 
We have a non-profit set up in the United States, Canada and in Mexico so whatever you would like to donate to build “Casa de Milagros” will not only be doubled, it will also be a tax receipt for each of you... 
God bless and know we are here for Kingdom building and now we are looking at a building in a perfect location and somewhat ready to hold church service right away. Those I shared it with are excited and praying this can happen. I pray to our fellow supporters of John L. Sullivan Ministries and Zihuatanejo Christian Fellowship that my vision is and was a true vision from our Lord Jesus. 
May the Love of Jesus be with each of you, 
Pastor John 

Update from August 2017 Newsletter:
Still the main focus of this trip was to raise support and attention to my vision of “Casa de Milagros”, in English, “House of Miracles”. We are looking at two possibilities now in Zihuatanejo; one, where we are now with the former restaurant below us and two, the hotel along the same street and owned by our friend and Sister in Christ, Isabel, known as the juice lady. 
We are going to make some decisions, but it is still God's choice and time. We have raised money, but still lack funding. We have raised over several years close to $100,000 dollars US. We need $60,000 more to buy the hotel and then will need to put in an elevator along with air-conditioning and other improvements to meet our needs as a Mission Center representing Jesus Christ in sharing His love for locals and travelers and encouraging people from all over the world to search out God's purpose for them.

Our vision is to establish a House of Miracles, open all day, every day to provide a safe harbor for all in need (travelers and local residents) to come for rest and prayer, for healing and sharing and Godly counseling.  please pray for God's guidance and provisions as it suits His will.